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The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World

From Meg Grant
In a Thursday afternoon session at Vegas@50+, author Larry Ackerman encouraged participants to crack their individual identity codes as a way of "turbo-boosting the impact of your lives going forward. It doesn't happen overnight," he cautioned, "but it's a great journey, and there's no downside."
Well, there's not much in life you can say THAT about. Ackerman laid out eight questions that individuals can answer to help identify out who they are, what they have to
offer, and what their legacy will be.
In addition to the obvious "What's my purpose?" question, Ackerman urged audience members to start by making a list of the activities they love and figure out why they love them to get to the root of who they are.
For me, the quick answers would be: tend my rose garden, relax with a very dry martini, write a story, and take pride in my kids - not all in that order. What, in the heck, does that say about me?

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