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The Economy on Center Stage

Some thoughts from AARP's Jim Dau:

It's hard to find a silver lining in the news coming out of Wall Street and Washington, where global economic volatility is further threatening the financial security of millions of Americans. However, we're at least grateful that the political media is finally spending more time discussing the economic plans of various candidates (for instance here and here), rather than breathlessly dissecting horse race numbers, photo-ops and slung mud.

The campaign press is waking up to what voters already knew - economic security is a critically important issue. In the Iowa caucuses three weeks ago, voters cited economic concerns as their top issue. Even back in November, both AARP polling and Washington Post polling showed big concern from voters on financial security issues.
Voters want impartial and substantive information on the candidates' economic plans. It may be that an economic stimulus package is less sexy than decades-old allegations of wrong-doing, but hopefully reporters get that it's more important.

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