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The Legend of Tom Watson

Over the weekend, I found myself watching golf.

This might not seem strange to you, but for a Texas football girl, this was not my style. But there was the British Open, and there was Tom Watson, at 61, playing through rain and mud and looking like a Hemingway character, and he hits a hole in one, and suddenly I'm hooked.

"Five-time Open champ Tom Watson on whether he smiled when he looked out window this morning and saw rain: "I'll never tell." Classic." - Steve Elling, golf writer for

If you have the time this Monday evening, read Joe Posnanski on Watson's career. He's nearly a Hemingway character, a guy who's had an unbelievable career in golf, who seems at his best in the most disgusting of conditions. On Saturday - get this - he played with 20-year-old Tom Lewis as his partner, who was named after Watson.

For Lewis the experience of shooting 65, the lowest-ever score by an amateur in Open history, in the company of Watson on Thursday will be one that will live with him for ever. 'He could be my grandson,' said Watson. 'I just had to smile inside to watch him play.

Tell me what you know about Watson. Is he just as I imagine him, a friendly Kansas City guy who loves the game? Have you seen him play?

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