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The Perils of Tippy Furniture

Just when you think your safe in your own home - watch out! Furniture can get you when you are least expecting it. Did you know approximately 3,000 injuries and an average of 22 deaths a year occur as a result of furniture tip-overs? (Source: CPSC) Furniture tipping over and falling on people occurs most often when children climb up, fall against or pull themselves up onto it. Furniture like bookcases, dressers and chests are extremely heavy and can cause bad injuries if they tip over and land on top of you or a child.
What to do:
Check and make sure your big pieces of furniture and are stable, not tippy. You can even go the extra step and anchor the furniture to the ground or a wall so when grand kids come over there is no risk of anything falling over. A safe home is a happy home!

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