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Today's Home Safety Tip!

We told you last week that June is Home Safety Month - and here is today's tip from This one might be particularly of interest to remember because of the unpredictable weather that this year has brought already.
Did you know flooding can cause indoor air quality problems in your home long after floodwaters have receded?
Many of you have probably dealt with the dreaded basement flooding during a bad rain storm, and this year has seen so many unexpected storms already that a basement flood could happen anywhere. Keep in mind that microorganisms in flood waters can present a health hazard. When they get into the air and you inhale them, they can cause sickness or allergic reactions.
If you experience a flood, make sure you remove carpeting and other porous items that remain wet for 48 hours. Open all the doors and windows, and open all the closet doors too, to keep the air circulating in your home.
We'll keep you updated on these tips, but in the meantime you can check them all out here!

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