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Too Young? Too Old? Or Juuust Right?

In general, what is the best age for the president of he United States? Is the "best" age for a president in the 40s? 50s? 60s or 70s? CBS News conducted a poll in February that asked this exact question, and found some surprising results.
Just about half of those polled said that the best age for a president to be in office was in their 50s. But of course neither Senator Obama or Senator McCain is in their 50s. Barack Obama is in his 40s and John McCain is in his 70s.
Ok, so what does that mean? Well, 20 percent of those polled said that Barack Obama's age was just about right while only 2 percent of those polled thought that John McCain's age was appropriate to be president. So do a majority of people feel that John McCain is too old to be president?
Not exactly. The CBS poll also asked voters if they thought a candidate's age would be an obstacle to their voting for a candidate. Only 30 percent of those polled said that McCain's age would be a problem (70 percent didn't think it would be a problem). But the surprising fact that the CBS News poll points out is that voters under 30 were less likely to view McCain's age as a problem than were older voters.
Go figure.
Somewhere Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan are looking down on all this and smiling.

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