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U-Turn in Transportation Priorities

There's a U-turn in transportation priorities coming. Look for the roads in towns and cities to begin to get friendlier.
The explosion of housing development that led to metropolitan sprawl and crawl has slowed to a near stop and the exodus to the sunbelt has reversed. According to the latest demographic reports -people are staying in cities. Meanwhile the federal Secretaries of Transportation, HUD and EPA have pledged to work together toward making communities more livable and sustainable.
Now DOT Secretary LaHood has thrown out a provocative challenge to the status quo with a new policy pledging to rebalance transportation funding. His plan will give more priority to making roads safe and user-friendly for everyone giving pedestrians, and even bikers much more attention.
LaHood has sparked a hot debate among experts and advocates which will continue through the next year when Congress decides transportation policy for the next decade.
AARP believes that Secretary LaHood is right that cars and trucks shouldn't own the road to the extent of risking pedestrian and bikers safety. More Americans should walk and many would like to get out of their cars but they don't think their sidewalks and intersections are safe for walkers.
An approach called Complete Streets can make getting around safer for everyone whether in cars, on transit, biking or walking, and make communities more attractive and comfortable places to live. AARP thinks it is the way to go for the future.

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