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Watch Out Toto! ...I don't want to trip over you

Tip #9 from '30 for 30' Home Safety Month Tips
Did you know that over 86,000 people fall each year inside or outside of their house due to a pet? According to the Center for Disease Control, of those 10.5% were between the ages of 65 to 74.
* You don't need to hire a dog whisperer but some training would help, tell Toto to sit and stay
* When you're in the kitchen, have a "no pets" policy, use a baby-gate and make sure the pets stay in a certain area of the house
* Don't feed your pet while you're cooking because it will encourage them to follow you around the kitchen.
* Make sure your pets feeding and water dishes are out of highly traveled walkways.
*Make sure your pet behaves him/or herself when they are on a leash, an excited dog can easily trip you up when you're out on a walk

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