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What's in Your Wallet?

A few weeks ago, as I was having lunch, my wallet was stolen right out of my bag, without my knowing it. My wallet had a debit card, a credit card, my driver's license, a stack of work receipts, $10, my AAA card, and my health insurance card. As I went through the hours of phone calls to report the theft and get new cards, it never occurred to me that losing my medical card might be a real liability.

This week, I read this article from How to Protect Yourself from Medical Identity Theft. In it, learn how thieves steal your medical identity, what you can do to protect your medical identity, and what you can do if suspect your medical identity has been stolen.  I'm not sure I'll keep my insurance card out of my wallet, but I'm thinking about it. I'm definitely keeping an eye on my insurance statements.

Have any of you experienced medical identity theft? Hope not!

Photo credit: dyobmit via flickr

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