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Your Holiday Food Rescue Plan: Strata for Brunch, Shotglasses for Dessert

Are the holiday visitors pulling into the driveway as we speak? Then AARP food expert Pam Anderson has the entertaining strategy you need as you look forward to the next few days.  Pam often entertains family so she's developed a brunch plan that your guests will love, whether on Christmas Day or any other.  Check out her strata recipe, and the video steps to making it. Then maybe make some pomegranate mimosas to go with it.

If it's a dessert strategy you need, Pam has a great one.  It's trendy, yes, but it's also so easy the grandchildren can help you make it.  Her mini-dessert recipes are yummy and she'll walk you through the process of putting them together in the video that goes along with them.

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