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Your Superbowl Menu

If you're like me then you are probably pretty excited about the Superbowl this Sunday. Who cares if you don't root for either team? This isn't about the football people, it's about the chance to go to a big gathering with a big TV. It's about all the great commercials. Most importantly, the Superbowl is about consuming mass quantities of delicious and completely unhealthy food without feeling any guilt. So the burning question for this weekend is: what will you be eating during the Superbowl? This humble blogger would like to offer up a couple of truly artery-clogging dishes that offer up culinary Superbowl bliss no matter what you think of the Cardinals or Steelers.
1. The Bacon Explosion aka the Meat Missile. If you like bacon and you like sausage, then you'll love this sausage wrapped in bacon and barbeque seasoning. See below:

bacon explosion 1.jpg

bacon explosion 2.jpg

2. The Snack Food Stadium. If watching real football players and real fans in a real stadium isn't stimulating enough for you, then you might enjoy a stadium which, along with its players and fans, is made entirely out of snack foods. Total nutritional value:
Just look at it:
snack food stadium.jpg

Now that's something I think everyone can cheer for!

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