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2010: The Year of Technology

Happy New Year!
I had a very technological holiday season, with a new TV from St. Nick and a new smartphone as a gift from myself to myself... and I'm still learning the ropes of the "touch screen" and the ins and outs of "high definition." If you got techy gifts from your savvy friends and family but can't even get through the printed manual, check out yet another article on older Americans learning the language of technology - this one is from the Chicago Tribune.
According to the article, companies producing the high-tech products are starting to make them more senior-friendly. One particularly intriguing up and coming product is software that magnifies what is on a computer screen when the user leans in to see it - how cool! Check out the article for all the details on the latest in helping seniors get comfy with technology.
Have you made your new year's resolution? Sticking to the topic of technology, here's an article from ABC News about iPhone apps designed to help you stick to your resolution, whether it's losing weight (the number one resolution), saving money or going green. I'm going to go download a few of these right now...

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