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Automakers On Display

I recognize that I might be a bit of a car nut, but even if you aren't a gear head an auto show is a pretty fun thing. The Washington Auto Show has been going on since Wednesday and will be in town until Sunday. The cars and trucks on display give an interesting commentary on the state of the economy and the American consumer. There will be some of the traditional sports cars and exotic concepts of course, but the automakers will be focusing on hybrids, electric vehicles and a host of other new powertrains. In addition there will be a much greater emphasis on small, economical cars. I can't wait to check out the show this weekend and I think it's a great idea for anyone who is in town. Here are just a few of the cars that will be on display:
The Third Generation Toyota Prius:


The Ford Fusion Hybrid:
focus hybrid.jpg

The Chevrolet Aveo:

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