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Blackberry Addiction Pandemic Reaches Highest Levels

The use of the Blackberry has become ubiquitous in today's society. You can't walk down the street without seeing (or bumping into) someone with their face glued to their screen, clicking out their emails.
Television news has documented the phenomenon:

There is an online forum for these addicts to meet and discuss their troubled lifestyles, and there is even a book on the subject.
Now this technological addiction is reaching critical levels with the election of admitted Blackberry abuser President Obama. However, when you're the President there are bigger issues with over-using your phone than simply annoying your wife and kids. It was rumored that President Obama would have to give up his Blackberry for security reasons, but now it seems like a compromise has been reached. Supposedly, there is a high-tech fix on the way which would provide the President with a secure device that would enable him to stay in touch with friends and family while still protecting national security. Thank goodness!

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