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Grandma on Facebook??

The New York Times has a great piece on its Web site all about seniors and technology. The article was particularly fun for me to read because I still remember when my grandmother - who turns 74 next month! - had a PC before my family even had one, and who has recently mastered the art of text messaging from her cell phone, even if it's the one with "big buttons."
The article covers everything from centenarians using Twitter to video-chatting and the "simple" PC. It is great to learn that folks are taking advantage of all this newfangled technology has to offer, especially as the older we get the more difficult it is to travel and visit loved ones. With iChat, Skype and all the other programs out there, older Americans can see their grandchildren whenever they want from the comfort of their own home. How are you using technology and social networking to keep in touch? And if you aren't - why not!
Another helpful story...
on the New York Times site is one called " Strategies to Help Grandchildren Now, Not Later." With the tough economic climate, more and more grandparents are focusing on helping their adult children and grandchildren financially now, rather than worrying about the size of their inheritance. The article points out, though, that "tax traps await the unwary" and there are several tips for how to avoid those gift taxes while still helping younger generations get by. Check it out.

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