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Help! Nominate A Product for a Sterling Award

What's a Sterling Award?

Let me explain.

At AARP, we're determined to make the case that technology for the 50+ is not only socially responsible, it's also good business.

One of the fastest-growing markets for tech products is the 78 million baby boomers living in the United States. Yet tech products are too often designed without older consumers in mind. - VentureBeat, September 2011

This year, we're sponsoring an award to bring more attention to products that address those needs. It could be anything - a service that connects you with your grandson to learn chess together, a product that makes caregiving easier, or a way to make it easier to drive your car more comfortably and safely as you age. Nominations close this Friday, so if you're a company making a product or service that fits the bill, get those entries in!

Photo: Sifteo blocks by Flickr user joshleejosh.

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