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New PC targets older computer users

A new PC called SimplicITy has been created specifically for folks older than 60 who are unfamiliar with the internet. But is this a useful way of helping older folks learn how to use a computer, or more of a patronizing product that pushes age-old (pun intended) stereotypes about older people? After all, its email program is called, "Eldy."
The fact of the matter is that more than 65% of Americans aged 50-70 use the internet. (You can find hard proof at our robust online community) But at the same time, should we ignore the fact that there are still millions of older folks, particularly in their 60s and 70s, who don't know how to use the internet? Maybe the solution is to use this PC to target all people with a bit more of a focus on certain groups who may have a harder time understanding the world wide web - not just older folks. What do you think?

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