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Tech Roundup: Play and Pay

Nintendo wii! My mother-in-law Thelma wii bowling a 155!!!

( Thanksgiving Wii bowling via Earl)
Nintendo's Wii and Microsoft's Xbox Kinect are onto something more than just getting you active - they're playing with your emotions: "For example, in "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed," a player can fling an object or a person to the ground, using a hurling motion with the nunchuk part of the Wii controller, creating a feeling of aggression. 'You can make people feel all kinds of ways with movements, which could be the science of what makes the Wii so engaging,' Isbister said. 'A lot of these games have stumbled upon doing this already without realizing the social science underlying it.' " Well, then. Stop playing with my heart, Microsoft! (Also, Kinect looks like a lot of fun...)
You may or may not have heard that Facebook, everyone's favorite repository of baby pictures, has rolled out an email client. What if, like me, you have no interest in email via Facebook, but still find yourself looking up email addresses on it all the time? This will teach you how to export all that stuff.
Hey, TV junkies: Hulu Plus, Hulu's paid service that lets you watch every single bit of Battlestar Galactica, etc - n ow down to a manageable $7.99 a month.
My not-so-revolutionary prediction: by the end of 2011, your phone will be able to function as your credit card. (We've said this before.) AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are working on a way to make that happen.

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