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Tech You Can Use: Don't Lose Those Photos

Whether you've had a digital camera for years or just got one for Christmas, chances are you have more than a few digital photos stored up of your family, friends, and pets. Unless you've got one of the cameras that prints its own photos, chances are you're just keeping those photos on your computer's hard drive. But what if there's a fire? Or a flood?
A new company at the Consumer Electronics Show this year was showing off a hard drive that can make it through a fire, be thrown in a swimming pool, and still come out with all its data intact. They even put it through a fire to show us:


If you don't want to go through all the hassle of manually moving those important photos of Grandma and Grandpa over to a backup drive, another company is making a new cable that automatically backs up anything important on your computer. All you need is one cable and an external drive - or just an Internet connection - and their software does the rest. Easy, right?
And don't forget - if you're ever unsure about how to keep your photos secure when you share them online, this video from AARP member Karen Ryan is a great resource.

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