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Tech You Can Use: Getting Rid of Cable


(via roadsidepictures)
I have yet to hear someone say good things about their cable company. It's an expensive service, sometimes it breaks, fixing it is never fun, and on top of that, how many of those 700 channels do you actually watch?
For me, it's always been something like ...three. During the hours of 8-10 pm.
So if you're anything like me, and use only a limited amount of tv - but can't quite countenance not having those Mad Men around, here's a few easy steps you can take:
1) Get a digital TV antenna. Most of those regular channels can be available over the air now that the digital transition is complete.
2) Switch to watching your shows online. Most people have heard of, but some lesser known sites are worth paying attention to. is one of our personal favorites.
We'll follow up Thursday with some examples of this in action.

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