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Thursday Tech: iPads go Verizon


Judging by a few of the signs we saw at the Life@50+ exhibit floor this year, iPads are getting pretty popular. I'm not gonna lie, it tops my Christmas list. Numero uno.
So we were happy to hear that you don't have to go AT&T anymore to get an iPad that works everywhere: Verizon is going to bundle its sweet little MiFi (wireless! anywhere!) with a WiFi-enabled iPad. While this may not be as elegant a solution as the iPads with AT&T connectivity built in, your blogger is asking for an iPad through Verizon this Christmas - for two reasons:
1) Price. Verizon's giving you a better deal than it normally does with the MiFi - the base plan is $20 a month, for 1GB, which beats AT&T's base plan of $14.99 for 250mb. (Trust me, it's really easy to top 250mb on an iPad.)
2) The MiFi is just really, really useful. It's a wireless hotspot that doesn't need to be plugged into anything, and not only can your iPad go online, but so can your computer, and your wife's computer, and the friend you just met in the airport. Five devices. That beats a single iPad whose AT&T internet is tied directly to the device, at least in our book.

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