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Tuesday Tech: Make Your Email Do Things

gmail cookies

(nerdy, we know, but ... blame Flickr user opacity)
You may or may not have seen this, but Gmail - Google's email provider - released a pretty sweet new feature this week. You can now call people from your email. For free. (Within the United States, but still.)
I could go on a whole monologue about why you should use Gmail for your personal email - less spammy, lots more control over chain mail and newsletters, lets my mom chat with me easily... but this takes the cake. Yeah, so it's not a replacement for your phone, but if you're where you've got wifi - say you work from home - and you don't want to use up those cell phone minutes, this is a really awesome replacement.
I'm trying to think of useful ways this can come in handy... if you've got some creative scenarios, let me know! More on Thursday.

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