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Tech You Can Use: Tech Week @AARP


So many gadgets. Within five feet of my fingers, there are six (SIX!) things that run on electricity, including multiple phones and multiple computers. Even if you aren't a cubicle queen like me, you've probably got a few within your reach.
We've got a great roundup of technology articles in the next issue of AARP the Magazine. It's not just the gadgets: we also keep needing to learn new habits and services, like Twitter, or Facebook.
There are a few payoffs. A more efficient way to find a good doctor? Check. Someone telling you on Twitter that you can make pickles in an hour? Check. But getting there can be a problem.
How'd you learn to operate that videocamera? How'd you come around to being on Facebook? I want to hear your stories, and your links. We'll come back to this tomorrow.

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