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The Ghostliest Places to Visit

Boo! If you love Halloween as much as we do, you'll check out these haunted destinations that are said to be the best places to visit if you want a good scare. They give us 5 places so make sure to check out all of them, but we'll give you a peek at the first destination, none other than London:
The grim Tower of London is haunted by all manner of famous victims, such as Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey, whose nine-day reign as queen ended in beheading at the command of Mary Queen of Scots. St. Bartholomew church is noted as the most haunted church in London, hosting the spirit of its monk founder, Rahere, and the tortured souls of those executed nearby under Henry VIII's brutal rule. Visitors claim to hear their voices and smell the scorching flesh of one monk burned alive. London's theaters are notoriously haunted, such as the Theatre Royal, whose "Man in Grey" appears during daylight hours. Even the transportation systems are said to host spirits -- ghosts roam multiple "tube" subway stations, and radars at Heathrow Airport have detected what some say is the spirit of a man killed in a crash in 1948.
Check out the rest (and prepare to be spooked!!).

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