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U.S. Forest Service: No More Discounts for Older Campers

A new proposal by the U.S. Forest Service is calling for an end to the 40-year long discount benefits older Americans and people with disabilities have been able to use when camping.
Lifetime passes older folks and people with disabilities are given cut their camping fees by 50 percent. Reasons being that the number of older people are growing in a struggling economy, this new proposal suggests that these discounts be decreased to merely 10 percent.
The public has until Feb 1. to comment, so we'll see if enough speak out to rethink this proposal. But in case you didn't know, Smokey the Bear is over 65 years old, so one can't help but wonder: Will they cut his discount too?
Have a comment for the U.S. Forest Service? Go here to voice your opinion on the issue.

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