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Where ya headed this weekend?

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According to several news stories, including this one from USA Today, many Americans are hitting the road this weekend! AAA projects that about 34.9 million people are venturing at least 50 miles from home, up 17% from 2009! They also project that 90 percent of those traveling will be traveling by car.
The uptick in travel can be attributed to people feeling more confident about their personal finances than they did a year ago - and having probably taken some time off from traveling, there is a so-called "pent-up demand" for getting out!
Sadly though, the article also points out that budget squeezes have forced some cities to call off their fireworks displays this year, but I'm sure there are plenty of other activities for folks to do this time of year, like just getting outside with family and friends to enjoy the weather. (But when you're out there, remember our tips for beating the heat!)
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!
Photo Credit: Hryck, Flickr Creative Commons

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