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Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

Posted on 07/10/2009 by |General News | Comments

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teslapic00.jpgAs I discussed here earlier, I don’t have a great track record when it comes to wishing living people happy birthdays. So today I’m going to try something a little different and go with celebrating the birth of Nikola Tesla who has safely been dead for over 60 years.

He was born on July 10th, 1856.

Tesla was an absolute genius who eventually held over 700 patents. You might recognize one of his inventions, a little thing called electricity. He didn’t invent electricity itself, but rather the idea of using alternating current which is what lets all of us use electricity without needing to live 2 miles from a power plant (take that Edison). Pretty nice contribution there.

He did have some ideas which were pretty far out there but they can’t all be winners.

All of this and his name is barely recognized these days. Check out this clip for a little more info on Tesla:
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