At 50, Monica Bellucci Is the Newest Bond “Girl”

740-Monica-Bellucci-Bond-girlIn a year when meaty movie roles for women 50-plus were as rare as crow’s feet on Rodeo Drive, it’s gratifying to see the news from London that Monica Bellucci, at 50, is about to become the oldest Bond “Girl” ever.

Bellucci will costar with Daniel Craig, 46, in SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond movie, slated for release a bit less than a year from now. The Italian actress is best known for her steamy scenes opposite Keanu Reeves in the second and third Matrix movies.

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Actually, the Bond franchise has a long, if limited, history of casting mature women in sexy roles. Who can forget Honor Blackman in 1964’s Goldfinger, literally rolling Sean Connery in the hay (“My name is Pussy Galore“)?  Blackman was nearly 40 years old at the time — practically retirement-home material in 1960s Hollywood. And when Die Another Day was released in 2002, Halle Berry was a ripe old 36.

Directed by Sam Mendes, who referred to Bellucci and costar Lea Seydoux as his Bond “ladies” (the word you’re looking for is “women,” Sam), the next Bond film will have the same updated, gritty look featured in the most recent entries. But longtime Bondiacs will appreciate the title of the new film: SPECTRE, the international agency of evil that 007 eternally battles, was originally introduced to movie audiences in Dr. No, released way back in the Dark Ages known as 1962.

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

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pz26304991 5pts

Monica as a Bond girl? It's about time — along with Helen Mirren, she's one of the sexiest women alive no matter what age.

gf6628 5pts

Bill Newcott: with regard to the word "ladies" - it's neither condescending not implying anything other than being culturally acceptable where Sam comes from. You're either reporting or correcting, which is it?   Please grab a cultural thesaurus some time soon.

jd48107865 5pts

Monica Bellucci is an EXCEPTION.

Kim Kardashian is on a scale of 1 to 10 is a screamin 20!!

Monica is about 5 levels over Kim Kardashian..

Monica is pushing a rocking 40+ on the scale of 1 to 10 for hotness and anything you want to relate to hot women with. Back to Kim. Kim is super hot, any thing that can just EQUAL Kim kardashian should be a national treasure. 

Here Monica comes and not only equals Kim but  go past Kim 2 to 3 times..

Those Bond movie makers aren't crazy. They pick 50 year old Monica Bellucci because AIN'T NOTHING OUT THERE THAT CAN TOUCH HER!!     :-)

vl84308149 5pts

It" because feminist don't like the word "lady".

ly4966 5pts

I agree. I am a woman, but I am also very much a "Lady". To me that is a matter of pride, and it simply connotes good behaviour. I see nothing at all weak or shameful about stating that I am a lady.

as53967636 5pts

I agree with you vtantonelli.  Did you also notice that Daniel Craig's age is listed as 42 when in fact he is 46?

vtantonelli 5pts

I have yet to grasp what is disrespectful about "ladies". Is "gentlemen" disrespectful?

DougSanDiego 5pts


Craig is indeed 46 now. i also saw a similar article to this, on some other website a week or so ago. and it had him listed as 44. 

it is amazing how often, that various info websites everywhere, so often contain factual errors, throughout many of their articles, on any variety of topics. in addition to frequent factual errors, many articles all over the internet, are also filled with typos, as well as completely incorrect grammar.

just shows how unprofessional & incompetent so many of the online writers & reporters are these days. proof reading & fact checking, seems to be a rare commodity for internet authors & information websites.

lj6789 5pts

@vtantonelli  The word 'lady' implied that some women behaved in an acceptable manner, and some did not. Whereas 'gentleman' referred to a man possessing qualities like honor and integrity, 'lady' generally means that a woman is demure, non-confrontational, chaste, and understood her 'place'. 'Gentleman' is rarely used now, except as in "Ladies and Gentleman" and when men refer to themselves as such.

DougSanDiego 5pts


it's not so much that it is disrespectful.... but it's considered condescending & sexist, by many women these days.

many aspects of language evolve over time, just like everything else in the World.

just as an example:

in the 50's, 60's & 70's, people often used words such as negro or ladies....

but in more recent time.... many within those respective groups, NOW prefer to be called "black", or "women".

DougSanDiego 5pts


i basically agree with your thoughts here.

and what u said, is basically what i meant by... "but it's considered condescending & sexist, by many women these days."