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Laura Hahn writes about intergenerational friendship on her blog, Arthur & Bernie. Arthur is her friend. Bernie was her grandfather, Pop Pop. Laura’s work has appeared in People, Good Housekeeping and more. Follow her on Twitter @arthurandbernie

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Guardian Angels: Volunteering to Make an Impact

Posted on 07/21/2014 by |Volunteering | Comments

VolunteeringNobody knew much about Roger. His niece had dropped him off at the nursing home one day, saying there was a family emergency. Could they keep him overnight? Days passed, and then weeks. Some thought that Roger’s niece had been pocketing his Social Security checks, and when authorities started catching on, she bolted. Whatever the reason, she never came back. Enter Mark Desmond, Roger’s volunteer guardian. Mark, a newly retired sales manager, was determined to find out all he could about Roger, …

Building Family: How Guardianship Can Create Community

Posted on 06/23/2014 by |Volunteering | Comments

Home & FamilyThe Post-it note on the box said, “Little things. Wanna look?” I found it in my grandparents’ dining room, tucked alongside the candles and platters they used on special occasions. At that point, my grandmother, whom I called Dibi, had lived with Alzheimer’s disease for a few years. Ever the charmer, Dibi could hide it well, but those of us who knew her knew the battle was just beginning. I love to think about that box and imagine what was …

Hug Your Parents, and 7 Other Lessons for New Grads

Posted on 05/20/2014 by |Volunteering | Comments

Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyThe day after graduation at Miami University in Ohio, I took a run through campus. Barricades blocked paths, and white party tents waited to be disassembled. Ikea shelves and desks and deck chairs lined curbs. Kids snapped last-minute photos, while moms and dads carried storage bins and hitched U-Haul trailers to the backs of SUVs. It had been a while since I’d seen this scene — about 10 years. I graduated from college in 2005 and, after a short stint …

Talking (and Listening) to People With Dementia

Posted on 04/21/2014 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeI talk with my friend Arthur twice a week, and each conversation starts the same way. “Hi Arthur, it’s Laura.” “Laura, dawling. Whe-ah are you?” “I’m in Ohio.” “You’re still the-ah?” It’s been almost 10 months since my boyfriend, Joe, and I left New York. “Yep, still here! Grad school is going really well, and it’s great to be close to family. It’s hard being far from friends, though. I wish we were tasting olives together right now.” >> Sign up …

Grandma Betty: Why ‘Cute’ Can’t Capture It

Posted on 03/20/2014 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeLet me first say I love what’s going on with Grandma Betty, the Indiana octogenarian turned Instagram star. When Betty was diagnosed with terminal cancer, her great-grandson Zach opened an account (@grandmabetty33) to chronicle her journey. More than 309,000 followers later, what started as a project for friends and family has turned into a worldwide sensation. I just love that the bond between a great-grandmother and her teenage great-grandson, more than 60 years her junior, has inspired an outpouring of …

The Power of Pause: Taking Time to Visit Seniors

Posted on 02/21/2014 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeI’ll admit it: I love a good to-do list. When I’ve got a lot on my plate, or even when I don’t, there’s something so satisfying about crossing things off as I go. But my latest project has been a lesson in letting go of the list. As part of my grad school assistantship, I’m administering cognitive tests to older adults at a care facility near campus. When my adviser, Kate, told me about it, I was excited to jump …