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11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week

News, discoveries and fun ...

1. The world's ugliest animal is ... the blobfish. (Learn more at  CNN)



2. Surprise: The " perfect age" is now 50. (Learn more at  AARP)


3. The Beatles have a new album on the way. (Learn more at  BBC)

4. A daily cup of coffee can help  prevent uterine cancer. (Learn more at  AARP)



5. Why Tofutti CEO David Mintz loves older workers: "There's no experience like experience." (Learn more at The  Tennessean)

Tofutti on shelf

6. The latest Forbes 400 list of richest Americans gives a new twist to the term " old money." (Learn more at AARP)

7. Bob Newhart won his first-ever acting Emmy at the age of 84. (Learn more at Hollywood Reporter)


8. TV execs have dubbed viewers in the 55-to-64 age bracket " alpha boomers." (Learn more at Hollywood Reporter)

9. Hipsters have " geezer style" locked up. (No kidding.) (Learn more at  New York Times)


10. June Foray, 95, is the voice behind Rocky the Flying Squirrel (and Natasha Fatale, too). (Learn more at AARP)

Rocky and Bullwinkle

11. Those drug ads on TV? Most are misleading. (Learn more at AARP)

Bonus Video: Rocky will be going up against Raging Bull in Grudge Match.

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Images - Blobfish: Kerryn Parkinson/Caters News/; Birthday: Sheree Kozel-La Ha/Flickr; Woman and coffee: Tom Conger/Flickr; Grocery shelf: ruminatrix/Flickr; Bob Newhart: skyobrienpics/Flickr; Young hipster: jamelah/Flickr; old hipster: Christopher.Michel/Flickr; Flying squirrel: changa_lion

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