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11 Things We Didn't Know Last Week

News, discoveries and fun ...

Pope Francis on the cover of Rolling Stone

1. Francis is the first pope on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. (Learn more at Rolling Stone)

2. The Grand Canyon could be 6 million years old ... and 70 million years old. (Learn more at NPR)


3. Men are more forgetful than women. (Learn more at  Medical News Today)

4. Your cellphone carries  10 times more germs than your toilet. (Learn more at  AARP)

Toilet and Cell Phone

5. Cyber criminals are using malicious  "RAM scraper" software to steal information about you and your credit cards. (Learn more at  AARP)

6. A bean bag on a stick does a great imitation of the human hand. (Learn more at Wired)


7. Turning down your thermostat might help you lose weight. (Learn more at MedicalXpress)

8. To celebrate its 100th birthday, Beverly Hills threw a party for centenarians. (Learn more at L.A. Times)

9. Down to its last £1 million (about $1.6 million), Great Britain's royal family must economize. (Learn more at NBC)


10. By many measures, Mississippi  still ranks lowest among the 50 states. (Learn more at  AARP)

11. In a real life sequel to the film  Monuments Men, paintings looted by the Nazis are being sold at auction. (Learn more at

U.S. soldiers recovering looted paintings from Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

Bonus video: Everybody knows you can't just create a "viral" video. But so far, more than a million people have clicked to see Bill Gates wearing a chicken head, a tin foil hat and fake teeth.

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Images - Rolling Stone cover: Photo by Stefano Spaziani, courtesy of Rolling Stone; Grand Canyon: Jeremy Wilburn/Flickr; Cellphone in toilet: Bryan Faust/istockphoto; Versaball robotic hand: Courtesy of Empire Robotics; Queen Elizabeth: Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images; "Monuments Men" in Germany: Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration

Music: Longitudinal exploitation by Relias, via SoundCloud

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