Join the Spirit of Service on MLK Day

This MLK Day, January 19, AARP Create The Good is joining President-elect Obama’s call to service. Our hope is that along with the rest of America, you will be able to reignite our nation’s spirit of volunteerism and community service. This nation-wide call to service is not simply a one-time involvement but a continued commitment to community service.
Visit the Create The Good site for ideas like helping neighbors save on energy costs and hundreds of others for you to choose from. We know you’re busy – that’s why some only take five minutes and can be done right from your computer or cell phone! If you have more time, consider organizing a group to help those in your community with the Operation Energy Save toolkit.
There are even organizations like the Case Foundation that are giving away trips to the 2009 Presidential Inauguration just for sharing your story. Tell them about it here and enter to win!