From Fat to Fit: Carole Carson's Story

Carole Carson, who lost 62 pounds at age 60 and has made it her mission to inspire others to lead a healthier lifestyle, brought her message to an audience of about 150 members at Vegas@50+.
A little over two years ago, Carson documented her weight-loss journey in her local newspaper in Nevada County, Calif. Over 1,000 people in Carson’s town followed her lead, and as a result together lost more than 7,500 pounds. Carson, author of From Fat to Fit: Turn Yourself Into a Weapon of Mass Reduction, took her enthusiasm online to earlier this year — starting the Fat2Fit community group and coaching the online community in this year’s Fat 2 Fit Challenge.
The Fat2Fit group has over 3,900 members, who are still encouraging others in their fitness journey. Carson plans another Fat2Fit Challenge on in the spring of 2010.