Harrison and Ben Ford Encourage you to Make A Difference

Harrison Ford has played many heroes on film: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, and President James Marshall. But in life, it’s not a role Harrison plays, it’s who he is. He’s a huge supporter of environmental issues and even sits on the Board of Directors of Conservation International. He was also awarded the Jules Verne Spirit of Nature Award for his ongoing work in preservation of the planet.
Recently he joined his son Ben Ford, the executive chef and owner of Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City, CA, for a Create The Good PSA, to encourage volunteering. Sponsored by the EIF Foundation and Iparticipate, the Ford men look exceptionally happy (and handsome, might I add) to be encouraging people to make a difference in their community.
Simple things can be done to make a difference, from planting a tree, to helping a neighbor with groceries, to donating food or eyeglasses. YOU have the POWER to change a life. Join Harrison and Ben Ford in making a difference and get started today by going to Create The Good and searching for opportunities in your area.
Harrison Ford_Print PSA1_Final.JPG