AARP & the UN Team Up to Fight Poverty

The following is a guest post by Bradley Schurman, Senior Advisor for AARP International:

We’ve teamed up with the United Nations on a series of talks around reducing poverty and challenges in aging. Today and tomorrow, we’ll be livestreaming and invite you to watch and join the conversation. Details are available here.

Madame Michelle Bachelet, former President of Chile and current Under Secretary General and Executive Director of UN Women will deliver the keynote address at the briefing.

What do you think we can learn from other nations on combatting poverty? Or what innovative solutions do we have that we can share with the world?

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Additional Speakers include: Lee Hammond, AARP President; Rosemary Lane, UN Programme on Ageing, Department of Economic and Social Affairs; Michael J. Hodin, Adjunct Senior Fellow, the Council on Foreign Relations; Josh Collett, Vice President, International Affairs, AARP; Nicola Armacost, Managing Director and Co-founder, Arc Finance; Ivan Å imonovic, Assistant Secretary-General, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights – New York; Dr. Anne Degrand-Guillaud, Directorate General of Employment and Social Affairs, European Commission; Thomas Stelzer, Assistant Secretary General Department for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations; and others.