Is Your Marriage Stronger If It Started Online?

Alexey Ivanov/Getty Images

Alexey Ivanov/Getty Images

You have a slightly better chance of staying together if you meet online: That’s the finding of a recent collaboration between a dating website and a respected University of Chicago psychologist, and to me it’s Big News.


Because it’s a promising first span across online dating’s credibility gap. Or should I say credibility canyon? Plenty of people meet online – in fact, the study suggests one in three married couples now meet online – but until now they’ve tended to keep that venue in the closet. “How’d the two of us get together? Oh, well, uh, to be perfectly honest with you [lowers voice to a hissing whisper], we met online.”

Our reluctance to admit we met in cyberspace has stemmed from the stigma – antiquated, if you ask me! – surrounding introductions not made by Aunt Betsy at the church social.

But now, thanks to Professor John Cacioppo and, you can brag that you did the smart thing: “I upped my chances for marital longevity by going online!”

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Unconvinced? Though the difference is small – “Marriage breakups were reported in about 6 percent of the people who met online, compared with 7.6 percent of the people who met offline,” writes William Harms of – it makes triple sense because online daters:

  1. are motivated to “get it right” this time around;
  2. enjoy a wealth of very specific data about their dating options; and
  3. may proceed more cautiously as they get to know a stranger.


Overall, then, a very heartening study! I believe in online dating because, as an industry consultant, I’ve seen how several sites work from the inside out.

Oh yes – and I just got engaged to a guy I met online! (I blogged about it, too.) In fact, let me go text him right now with this good news about our higher chances for a long and happy marriage!

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