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Sandy Johnson

My mother was the original master gardener. She may not have the formal certificate but she's got street cred. Her vast garden fed a hungry family of eight year-round, and inspired a love of gardening in all six of her children.
Now it's Rick Santorum's turn. Santorum may have been robbed of momentum coming out of Iowa, where his victory was declared after the fact, but last night he may have gotten it all back as he swept Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota.
From the Las Vegas Strip to cowboy country, Nevada Republicans bet heavily on Mitt Romney for president. He snared 48 percent of their caucus vote.
Florida (hearts) Mitt Romney. Especially older voters, who powered a definitive Romney victory over Newt Gingrich in the Republican presidential primary.
Florida is at the forefront of offering citizens multiple voting options.
Welcome to the front lines of the housing crisis. Florida and three of the next states to vote in the GOP presidential contest are among the 10 worst foreclosure states in the nation. And there's not much light at the end of the tunnel: The four states have the highest percentage of homeowners who…
The first three Republican presidential primaries have split 1-1-1. Rick Santorum won Iowa (after the vote was certified), Mitt Romney won New Hampshire, and now Newt Gingrich has won South Carolina.
Older Americans frown on the influence of big money on the presidential campaign. By overwhelming majorities, they think limiting the amount of money campaigns can spend would improve the political process. They say those who pay for attack ads should be publicly disclosed, as should outside groups…
Where do the Republican candidates stand on Social Security and Medicare? The answer is important, because the next president - Democrat or Republican - will inherit the call for changes in those programs to whittle federal spending.
The Republican presidential race has moved away from states with relatively low unemployment - 5.7 percent in Iowa and 5.2 percent in New Hampshire - to states where the hunt for a job is a daily heartache, especially for older workers.
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