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Sid Kirchheimer

To freeze or not to freeze? It’s a common question, particularly after reports of yet another breach of payment card data like those at Home Depot, Kmart and Dairy Queen.
Se ha descubierto un defecto serio en uno de los métodos primarios de cifrado de internet. Por eso, es hora de cambiar tus contraseñas de inmediato y cruzar los dedos.
You think you're tech-savvy but you're still doing risky things online? You're not alone.
Software manufacturer Adobe says that hackers infiltrated its computer system, gaining access to sensitive information on nearly 3 million customers - including names, encrypted credit and debit card numbers and details of past orders.
This is a guest post by Sid Kirchheimer, who writes about consumer issues for AARP.
This is a guest post by Sid Kirchheimer.
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