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3 Pieces of Jewelry That Make You Look Younger


No, de-aging jewelry is not a pierced belly button ring or a nose stud. That looks like you're trying too hard. It's certainly not a watch since everyone n0w checks the time on their phone.  Your everyday jewelry at 50 is probably a mash-up of real and fake selected by habit, emotional memories or a random just-throw-it-on attitude.   Time for a rethink. I know you're picky about everything from wrinkle cream to heels that won't kill your feet so why not apply that gutsy attitude to your jewelry.  Nothing personalizes or de-ages a wardrobe faster than jewelry. Three big swaps to make now:


ONES.  A chunky collarbone necklace lights up your complexion and brings sparkle back to your eyes- especially in mixes of pearls, beads and stones that reflect light. A bib that starts at the collarbone and goes to mid-chest can even disguise sun-damage and


crepe-y skin. If you have a big or saggy chest, a short chunky necklace (+ a good bra ) can refocus  attention up and away. Longer necklaces that dangle over the cliff of your boobs  are no help- even your mother's pearls or a "find" you brought back from Thailand. Keep amulets and charms no longer than mid-chest and loop those long necklaces lariat style like you do with long scarves ( check that Diana Vreeland photo for a how-to).

STUDS AND LIGHT HOOPS INSTEAD OF HEAVY DROPS AND CHANDELIERS. If you've been a fan of big earrings by now your piercings are stretched and

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elongated- a dangerous and aging look especially when combined with droopy lobes ( these noses, lobes keep growing forever ! ). Get your piercings sewn up by a cosmetic surgeon and re-pierce when all is healed. Even Oprah got her ears pierced ( first time) at 50 so it's not a big deal. Studs are light and are a hot trend again- everyone from Tory Burch to Marc Jacobs are doing them but you can find low-cost ones for under $20 everywhere. Sparkly slim hoops are another option that looks youthful especially if your hair is long, you smooth it behind your ears or  wear a ponytail.

STACKED BRACELETS AND RINGS INSTEAD OF SINGLES. Stacks of matching, similar or totally mis-matched rings and bracelets add personality and a contemporary look to your hands and wrists.

They make trendy polish look cooler than ever and power up tees,  fitted sweaters and 3/4 sleeve jackets. Wear stacked bracelets on both wrists for major impact. Don't hesitate to mix your "good" bangles with rubber "cause" bracelets, chains with jewel-studded cuffs- the combo brings out your individuality and charisma even if you're wearing a basic black tee and cropped pants. When it comes to rings, anything goes. Add skinny bands plain or fancy to your engagement, wedding and eternity bands for an update. Slip major cocktail rings on any finger you like ( see Oprah's photo above for glam inspiration).  I love for inexpensive finds and sophisticated rings from Kenneth Jay Lane and Oscar de la Renta . Check out these: Kenneth Jay Lane enameled 18 -karat gold and cubic zirconia ring ( $120, and Oscar de la Renta two cabochon ring, Amazoni-rose ( $ 195,

Use it or lose it goes for jewelry too !

For more de-aging tips and wardrobe revitalizing tricks check my new fashion book The Wardrobe Wakeup, Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age by Lois Joy Johnson ( $ 13.88,

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