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3 Ways to Get in Shape - Fast!

My husband calls me the Queen of Empiricism: I don't believe something works until I try it myself.

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For example, I didn't think my body would ever bounce back after I turned 50. By that milestone birthday, I was almost 15 pounds heavier than I am today at 57. I was depleted of energy. I felt less than happy with how I looked.

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I was also worried about the likely health effects of a lifestyle that did not include regular exercise. Knowing I needed to get back on track, I consulted several exercise experts. Curiously enough, they all let me in on the same secret to becoming - and remaining - fit for life:

You can get your entire body in shape by doing just three exercises.

I was intrigued but filled with doubt: If these three moves really worked, why would anyone spend hundreds of dollars a year on trainers, gyms, exercise equipment and the like?

Empirical tiara perched atop my skeptical brain, I began my journey to a stronger, leaner, better body. Not only have I never looked back, but I've never had to look inside a gym!

Seven years later, I'm still doing these three exercises: push-ups for your arms, squats for your quads and glutes, and planks for your core. The result? By combining this daily exercise program with walking and running (and with a more healthful diet), I lost the weight I needed to - and I've kept it off. I dropped a pant size and managed to keep my already-troubling bone density from going any lower.

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As part of the ongoing series I host for AARP's YouTube Channel, here is the episode where I lay out the details of what I call my "Minimalist Program," including demonstrations of each exercise. (Before starting any new fitness program, of course, it's best to get the green light from your doctor.)

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