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The Scoop On Skin From Oprah and Ellen's Dermatologist

Oprah Winfrey
TV mogul and movie star Oprah Winfrey turns 60 Jan. 29

Wait until you get your hands on Dr. Harold Lancer's new book called Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin ($19.89, This Beverly Hills dermatologist treats superstar faces (like TV's top talkers, Hugh Jackman (sigh), Angela Bassett and an Oscar-worthy list of others) but he's about as down-to-earth as it gets. Dr. Lancer thinks most women 50+ make 10 crucial mistakes when it comes to de-aging.  In an exclusive AARP interview, he tells us  what not to do:

BARGAIN HUNT. Each month I see hundreds of women who come to my office to reverse the ill-effects of grey market fillers, excessive neurotoxins and improperly applied peels received at bargain clinics and spas. Choose a board-certified dermatologist who will get to know you and work with you.

TAKE THE DRASTIC ROUTE FIRST. Women who have mistreated their skin for decades often look for a quick one-stop miracle fix- be it a brow lift or even Botox. I always start patients on a high quality skin care regimen before taking any invasive or semi-invasive steps. Great skin care can make a huge visible difference and prevent rash decisions about more serious procedures.

SEARCH FOR THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH IN A JAR. Every month it seems some new groundbreaking anti-aging ingredient is being discovered. While some of these ingredients may be beneficial the most important skin de-ager is consistent exfoliation- speeding cellular turnover so the skin  begins to repair itself and becomes in fact "younger" due to renewal.

CONTINUE COSMETIC ENHANCEMENT WITHOUT THINKING IT THROUGH. Many women continuously tweak their appearance believing frequent touchups keep them looking "fresh." Suddenly, procedures pile up and the patient doesn't look like herself anymore. Always proceed with caution and the advice of a board certified dermatologist and a physician specializing in medical, surgical and cosmetic skin issues who can help you form an educated understanding of realistic expectations and results.

MISUNDERSTAND THE AGING PROCESS. Aging is multi-faceted and affected by diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep and your psychological state. Discounting any aspect of this process is a recipe for increased signs of aging. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, positive relationships and personal happiness de-ages from the inside out.

FALL PREY TO PEER PRESSURE. Two of your girlfriend had surgical cosmetic procedures and suddenly you find yourself wondering if you should too. Stop and proceed with caution. Just because a procedure initially worked wonders for someone else does not mean it will work for you.

DISCOUNT THE IMPORTANCE OF SLEEP. During sleep your body recharges and rebuilds itself and this includes revitalizing your skin. Avoid caffeine after 7 p.m., stay away from the lights of TVs, phones and computers an hour before bed to help your body fall into the restorative REM cycle where the most serious repair work happens.

BE INCONSISTENT. Our bodies desire routine and eschewing that speeds up the aging process. Maintain consistency in your skin care, diet, lifestyle and exercise to help your body maintain a healthy state of equilibrium.

FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN OR THINK COLOR COSMETICS ARE ENOUGH. Sunscreen is your simplest most effective anti-aging tool. Sun exposure without protection is one of the most damaging things you can do to your skin. Apply sunscreen daily before your normal makeup.

DISCOUNT RADIANCE FROM THE INSIDE OUT. If you feed your body whole unprocessed foods, achieve mental well-being through stress management and relationships and strive for happiness and positivity, your inner radiance will show in your skin and body.  When you feel healthy, you look healthy. Make that extra effort.

Sounds easy but we're talking major resolutions here for the year to come. Stick to it!

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