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Monday News at AARP

The Wall Street Journal had several great articles over the weekend on a few very pertinent topics for baby boomers. See them below.
The first one is a very informative article about employee-driven 401(k) plans. For the past 30 years, the investing industry has been "experimenting" with employees taking the lead on their retirement savings, but now, employers are taking the wheel, automatically investing their employees in retirement savings accounts. The article says that by having employers do the automatic investing, they help workers save enough in time for retirement and improve their diversification. Do you think the automatic enrollment is a good idea? Of course, workers can opt out if they choose...but according to the WSJ article, they "rarely do."
Another article is an entertaining (and maybe inspirational!) one about retirees who have literally made their dream come true: they've turned their hobbies into careers. We're all looking for ways to make extra money these days, and they've found fun ways to do it. But don't be fooled - it's still work. Check out the story.
Here is one that does the work in determining which financial services programs will work for you in figuring out whether your savings are going to last you through retirement. Many companies are trying to tap the baby boomer market by offering services at little to no cost to you...but read this article before you decide who to use!
Finally, check out this great story about ReServe Elder Service Inc., an organization you might want to get to know - they work to set up retirees with non-profits who can use their skills and pay them for their time. The program is in New York, but it's expanding!

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