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The Takeaway: Apps Make It Easy To Airbrush Profile Photos -- But Should You?

Inexpensive  apps for touching-up digital photos has made the kind of airbrushing artistry once reserved for celebrities available to the rest of us. Yes, we can now apply the same image altering techniques used on models and magazine covers to our own or LinkedIn profiles.

But is it a good idea?

A little light airbrushing could be beneficial, experts say. For instance, smoothing out a few facial lines could help older job hunters look more energetic. But while age-defying enhancements  might pay-off with more online interest, remember that the ultimate goal is to meet potential employers or partners in person, no? You don't want them to be shocked when they see the real you.

Removing a pimple is one thing, but any more dramatic changes in appearance "would make me wonder what other lies you would tell," said personal branding consultant Nick Gilham. "Would you lie about your job accomplishments or titles too?"

In other words, if the difference between your online and real-life appearance is too dramatic, people might feel deceived when they meet you -- and no one wants a deceptive employee or partner. If you're tempted to try a little electronic enhancement on your own images, be sure to keep it subtle.

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