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Life@50+ Highlight: 40 Million Strong...And Counting

Congratulations to David Squires of Hampton, Virginia! This week, Mr. Squires became AARP's 40 millionth member. And in so doing, he won a ton of cool prizes, ranging from tickets to his local Washington Redskins football games to gas cards and a free vacation. So who is David Squires? Just your average AARP member.

A native of Hortonville, NC, David Squires is now a columnist with the Daily Press in Newport News, VA. Over the course of his journalism career, 50-year old Squires has worked for more than 10 newspapers, some African American publications. He was one of the first editors of AOL Black Voices. He is also a husband and father of two. Squires enjoys the various benefits of his AARP membership. "I really appreciate what AARP does in making a difference in others' lives, as well as the great discounts AARP offers its members," said Squires. "I would certainly recommend AARP membership to my family and friends."

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