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Never Too Old for a Thrill!

I loved this story! And not just because I'm from Pittsburgh and have ridden the Jack Rabbit myself a few times!
Vic Kleman, 78, rode the Jack Rabbit - a wooden roller coaster at Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh - 90 times on Sunday. Ninety times in one day! It was appropriate though, because the Jack Rabbit is celebrating its 90th anniversary at the park.
Those 90 rides brought Kleman's grand total of times on the Jack Rabbit and its regionally famous "double dip" to 4,000. Four thousand times since 1959!!
I applaud his devotion to the coaster - and will think of him next time I'm flying out of my seat on the Jack Rabbit.
Do you still love roller coasters and amusement parks, even though you're all "grown up?" Would you ever consider riding one of your favorite rides for 5 straight hours? We should all be as devoted as Vic Kleman!

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