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Rocky Bleier: The Comeback Boomer

Have you seen any of USA Today's series this week: " Senior Moments?" It's a great series with a ton of interesting and informational stories, put together in tribute to the oldest Baby Boomers turning 65 (what the Social Security Administration calls full retirement age) next year.
One story that USA Today posted today is about the well-known, four-time Super Bowl ring winner, Vietnam War veteran Rocky Bleier. His story may be familiar, but it's such a great one that it's worth another look - and worth seeing what the almost-65-year-old is up to these days!
Born in 1946, Bleier's story goes like this: Played on Notre Dame's 1966 National Championship team; Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1968; Drafted to the War right after his rookie season concluded. In August 1969, Bleier was hit in the left thigh by a bullet and in the lower right leg by shrapnel from a grenade. He returned the Steelers lighter and in pain, and spent two years working on getting back to the active roster. As we know, he did, and the team won four Super Bowls.
Today, Rocky Bleier is a motivational speaker who is proud of his military service - and doesn't feel any pain from those wounds these days. He'll be 65 in March - and has a lot to show for those 65 years!
Check out his full story, along with all the other great stories USA Today is telling this week.

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