AARP Oklahoma Wants Tax Relief for Family Caregivers 

Caregiving Resource Center

We’re calling on Oklahoma lawmakers to pass a bill that would ease the financial burdens of unpaid family caregivers. The Caring for Caregivers Act would credit Oklahomans for 50 percent of certain caregiving-related expenses, for up to $2,000. That upper limit is higher for those caring for a veteran or someone with a dementia diagnosis.

We’ve long pushed lawmakers to grant tax credits to family caregivers, who on average spend over $7,200 a year on caregiving expenses like home modifications, paid care at home and transportation. AARP has been urging Congress to pass the Credit for Caring Act, which would provide even more tax relief to eligible caregivers.

Oklahomans can contact their state senators and representatives and tell them to pass the Caring for Caregivers Act. Call 844-641-2470 or visit

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