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Help Our Loved Ones Age in Place, Our Chief Lobbyist Urges Lawmakers

Home care
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We’re urging federal lawmakers to make a substantial investment in home care to help people remain in their homes and communities as they age. In a blog post published this week, AARP chief advocacy and engagement officer Nancy LeaMond notes that a shortage of Medicaid-covered home care options means people often wait years to get the help they need, with more than 800.000 people currently on waiting lists for home care services.

“After a lifetime of hard work and contributing to society, seniors deserve to live with independence, security and dignity,” LeaMond says. “They should not be forced from their homes for lack of care options.”

In November, the House of Representatives passed legislation that included a large investment in Medicaid home- and community-based care. But progress has stalled in the Senate, and we’re calling on lawmakers to pass a bill that will invest in the home care that older Americans need.

Read LeaMond’s blog post.

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