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Our Maine State Director Named to Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners

Noël Bonam, director of AARP’s Maine office, should be able to fight even more effectively for affordable and sustainable housing now that he’s joined the Maine State Housing Authority’s board of commissioners. The board develops and oversees several state and federal housing programs, including down payment and energy assistance resources for Maine residents.

“Every conversation about affordable housing is in part a discussion of senior housing,” Daniel Brennan, director of the State Housing Authority, said in a statement. “Noël will bring to our Board of Commissioners a wealth of management experience, along with specific expertise in the special housing needs of this critical sector.”

Bonam joined AARP as state director in July 2021. In February he was named to the Maine Climate Council, which consists of scientists, state officials and industry leaders working to reduce emissions and make the state carbon neutral by 2045.

Housing access and affordability has long been a priority for AARP — especially considering more than 10 million households were cost-burdened by their homes in 2019, meaning that housing costs ate up more than 30 percent of their income. Just last year, 151 Mainers age 55 and up faced eviction, with more than 600 older adults expected to be evicted from their homes this year, according to a Statista/AARP analysis of data from the Census Bureau.

Read about Bonam’s appointment, and learn more about our efforts to expand housing affordability and choice.

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