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Spread Valentine’s Day Love With AARP’s Cupid Crew

En español | Want to help older adults feel loved and special this Valentine’s Day? Cupid Crew, a nationwide network of volunteers, will deliver cards and roses to hundreds of thousands of older adults around the country Feb. 14.

Wish of a Lifetime from AARP has been leading the effort for a decade, sparking connections between generations and injecting cheer into the holiday for older adults, including those in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. 

The program aims to combat the social isolation and loneliness that reached crisis proportions during the pandemic. Loneliness is linked to a higher risk for serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke and dementia

This year, there will be more opportunities for face-to-face interaction, as Cupid Crew brings back in-person flower deliveries for the first time since 2020. Volunteers will deliver 100,000 roses to older adults in specific locations and send up to 150,000 cards.

To join Cupid Crew, simply download a card (or cards), decorate it and include a friendly message. Then mail it or drop it off to an older adult in your life or to a nursing home or adult living community near you. Be sure to follow any posted safety guidelines.

Learn more about Cupid Crew, and read about AARP’s tools and resources for beating social isolation.

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